How to Pick a Logo

A logo can play an important role in your business and is one of the most essential elements in building your brand. Designing your logo is an integral part of your brand’s identity. It’s what creates recognition and boosts brand visibility.

For your logo, you will need a unique concept, a visual representation, and it needs to be memorable. The logo needs to stand out from your competition, easy to read, and also needs to be associated with what you do. So when someone sees your logo they will be able to relate it with what your business has to offer. Make sure to also make it memorable. If someone can recognize a logo quickly, they usually remember the business behind it.

Your logo can be classic, retro, modern, or handmade. Upon picking a color, it is good to think about who your target audience is. For example, women like colors that are mixed with white, and men prefer tints that are mixed with black. If your target audience is not a certain gender then have your logo combination be a mix of 3 colors.

Remember that colors have their own meaning too.
Red is youthful and exciting.
Orange is a friendly or cheerful color.
Yellow brings out warmth and clarity.
Purple is considered wise and creative.
Green symbolizes growth and health.
Blue signifies trustworthiness and dependability.
Black is clam and balanced.
So depending on the combination of colors you pick will determine the effect your logo has on the ones who see it.

The type of font you want for your logo also plays a major role in the design of your logo. The font type will also bring out your business’s personality.
There are three main fonts to consider which are serif, sans serif, and script fonts. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman and Baskerville are examples of a classic font. If you want a font that is fresh and also legible pick San Serif fonts. Script fonts can be hard to read sometime so pick one that can be good to read for it will display an elegant and creative effect to your logo.

Creating your logo can take some time. It will go through plenty of revisions. So make sure to get people’s input and make changes you feel would be best for your brand.