Are Business Cards are Still Relevant?

Since COVID-19, more and more business networks have been holding virtual meet-ups.

With virtual meetings taking place, an obvious networking question arises: are business cards still relevant in 2020?

The short answer here is yes. Business cards are still relevant in 2020. People still prefer to have something tangible so they can remember who you are. Your business card will often be the first glimpse someone will see of your brand so having a business card is still essential.

Having a business card shows that you and your business shows a level of professionalism. Having a physical business card to take to events is more personal than just asking someone to add you on social media while you’re speaking with them.

A good business card creates an image of professionalism, credibility, and loyalty. People want to deal with businesses they feel are trustworthy. When faced with a business that doesn’t have a well-known name or some sort of familiarity established, they judge a business on its appearance which could be your business card. Having nice business cards is one way that you cue people that you are running a real business they can trust.

Business cards can help you establish your brand and makes your business more recognizable. The key details you should include on a business card is your logo, tag line, name, contact details, and social media icons.
Designing your business card from a blank canvas gives you an opportunity to make it memorable and connect with your target audience.

Business cards are always accessible. You can even exchange them in situations where your phone need to be turned off. Keep a few in your wallet or purse, and you have them handy.

A lot of business networking is happening online now. But, while virtual or online networking has been expanding, it hasn’t taken the place of face-to-face networking. The in-person meet-ups are going to continue to happen with a face mask on now to still create business relationships, finding business opportunities, and to increase sales. And business cards will play an essential l role in networking events.