Easy Ways to Earn Online During the Pandemic

Buying and selling took the online world by storm during quarantine and has continued to do
so. More people are doing things from home, outside of the office and stores. Remote work has
become more available and the idea of remote employees is favorable. The way people work
and earn has been changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and there are many ways you
can earn money online. Here are 4 easy ways to earn directly online without even having to
worry about social distancing.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who took quarantine as a time to work and build
their businesses. With this extra time to focus on other projects, the number of entrepreneurs
has expanded greatly and they are looking for people to help them along the journey through
different services.

Virtual Assistant
The demand for virtual assistants is plentiful. There are a variety of tasks that a VA may be
asked to do, many of which you probably do already. These tasks can range from writing,
booking appointments, and possibly creating social media posts. Being a virtual assistant is a
great remote job for anyone who is keen on organization. If you enjoy organizing your life and
helping others do the same, it’s a great opportunity, and you may be able to pick up more than
one VA gig.

Online Consultant
Consultation is always needed by businesses, and as stated before, an increasing number of
entrepreneurs are building their businesses. If you have a specialty focus in organizational
communication, marketing, business management, finance, or anything in those realms, there
are plenty of businesses out there looking for consultations. You will have to be able to market
yourself and show proof of experience that will make clients believe in your expertise.

Another way to earn online is through selling physical products such as clothing, food, crafts,
and more.

Depop Seller Thrifting has become a trend within the younger generations, and online thrifting has become
very popular. One of the most known online thrifting platforms is Depop. Here, you can sell new
or used items, as well as sell items you make yourself. Depop has roughly 30 million registered
users, which is a huge market to work with. So if you aren’t already selling on there, your time is

Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to make money online. With drop shipping, you
sell the product but the actual supplier stores, packages, and ships all the products to your
customers. Dropshipping largely cuts cost for businesses, so if you are low on start-up money,
this is a great opportunity. Dropshipping can include clothing, phone cases, mugs…the list is
endless! If you have a way with design, you can definitely earn some serious cash going down
this road.