4 Ways To Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key to unlocking greater success for your brand. You want your brand to be recognized by consumers, whether it’s by your logo, messaging, and/or your name. When consumers are familiar with your brand and can recognize it, they are more confident to buy your products or services over a competitor’s. Building brand awareness with your target audience will help your brand be top of mind during the buying process. Here are 4 easy ways to enhance your brand awareness.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising has been a part of marketing efforts since the beginning, and it’s a technique that is still widely used today. Native advertising is subtle because it is planted in a space that hosts similar content, allowing the advertisement to fit in. Once used for physical print newspapers, native advertising is seen on a plethora of publishing sites because it helps brands reach audiences that are already engaged and reading. For example, creating an article that highlights your brand’s products/services and serves them up as a helpful tool can be placed around other “do it yourself” articles on a site. It will catch the reader’s attention without them feeling they’re being sold to.

Custom Hashtag

Creating a custom hashtag can build your brand awareness amongst the social media world, and the best part is that it’s free. Having a unique hashtag that your brand uses in every post, email, story, etc. will bring in attention, especially if you prompt your followers to use it when making their own posts whether on their feed or story, about your brand. Some of the most engaging custom hashtags are ones without the brand’s name in it. For example, #worthsaying by L’Oréal Paris. This hashtag for their collaboration with the Golden Globes became a safe space to uplift women’s voices by giving them power and encouragement to talk about what matters to them. This is a relatable and impactful hashtag that gained interest with the brand’s target audience and prompted engagement.


This is a classic way to enhance brand awareness. Slap your brand name on something reusable like a koozie, shirt, etc., and hand it out. Everyone loves free stuff, and it’s a sure-fire way to get your name out there, read multiple times, and recognized.


When users have visited your site but abandoned their cart, use remarketing as a way to build your brand awareness. Your ads will be shown to them on other sites across the web including their social feeds. Soon your brand will be recognized because it is everywhere they go on the web. This also helps your brand, if it is smaller, look more wide-scale than it actually is.

Enhancing your brand awareness doesn’t need to be hard, especially in the digital age. Through remarketing, native advertising, freebies, and custom hashtags, your brand will become recognizable on the web so consumers will have a tangible reminder of who and what your brand is.