Part 3: Website Features

What should my site include?

Depending on your needs, your website will include certain features. These serve a specific function and should be a means to accomplish a strategic goal and can include:

Maps plugin

Displays the location of your site on a street map. A popular option is to use Google Maps. Be aware that you will need to register an API key with Google. This is free and will allow your site to request and display information from Google Maps.

Contact Form

This form will prompt a visitor to enter specific information and then send their response to you. Take care to design this form in a clear and concise manner.

Email Address

An email address provides a point of contact for visitors. Consider using different addresses to better direction communication:,, contact,

Social Media

A website may feature links to social media accounts or plug-ins that will display the latest content from the social media account. There are multiple options to integrate these accounts into any website.


Analytics track and report metrics for the site including the type of traffic and its source. These functions are commonly implemented through Google Analytics.

Which tools should I use?

The good news is that there are countless options, both paid and free, for these features. Don’t be afraid to ask recommendations from others or read reviews about the experiences other users have had.