Quick Online Business Ideas

Starting a business can be frightening, but with the limitless possibilities, the internet has to offer, starting an online business can be done quickly and with little starting capital. Your business can be something you’re passionate about, but it definitely needs to be something you have knowledge about or are willing to become knowledgeable in. Online businesses provide accessibility and broaden your consumer/client pool.

Here are 4 online businesses that you can start quickly:

Phone Case Company

If you have a knack for art and design a phone case business can be right up your alley. There is a constant demand for phone cases, as many phone users prioritize keeping their phones safe. Cool design + safety = happy consumers. With drop shipping sites such as Shopify, Printful, and more the need to keep the supply up doesn’t all fall into your hands. Dropshipping companies will deal with storage, packaging, and shipping. Supply and demand are done at ease.

Virtual Assistant

Not all of us are organized, but if you are, becoming a virtual assistant is a business you should get into. The role of a VA is very similar to a regular assistant, the only difference is that you do everything remotely and can offer your services to multiple people. Tasks would include data entry, travel arrangements, task management, etc.

Resume Writer

For some, resume writing is the worst! That’s where you come in. Many people seek help from others to either create their entire resume from scratch or to peer review it. If you have a way with words and creating compelling sentences that showcase skills and possible data, this is the job for you. 

Handmade Goods

If you’re on social media quite a bit, you most likely have seen the surge in small businesses revolving around handmade goods. From ashtrays to keychains, and of course food, people are willing to pay for your craft! There is a trend arising in supporting small businesses and with the power of social media, you can go viral overnight, getting an influx of clientele. If you have a passion for making something there’s bound to be an audience for it.

The possibilities for an online business are endless, and many can be started quickly with little capital. Take your skills and knowledge, put them on the internet, and watch your business grow.