Owning Your Online Presence (Part 1)

AE Creative’s Guide to Owning Your Online Presence

Building and managing an online presence is one of the many key ways AE Creative helps small businesses thrive. Here is one part of a series on tips and information for how to ensure your business’ online presence is in tip-top shape.

AE Tip 1: Claim and Edit Your Google Business Listing

You can count on potential clients or customers using a search engine to find information about your business, and there’s no doubt that the likely choice is Google. At the top of the search results page is a Google Business Listing.

  1. Search your business’ name here.

You will either find an existing profile for your business or learn that you need to create one. Either way, you will first claim your business listing by creating a Google Business Profile and verifying ownership.

2. Claim your business profile.

You will first need to prove you own the business. This will allow you to claim and edit your profile information as needed. A common method is by [receiving a postcard] from Google at your business’ address. You may have the option to use a phone or email instead. More information on how to verify your local business on Google can be found here.

3. Edit your information

Just like the yellow pages, Google’s business listing provides information at a glance about your business. The good news is you can control what appears and accurately broadcast what your business has to offer.

The main information includes: Business name, Category, Address, Service area, Hours, Phone, and Website. There are even business-specific fields like a menu for restaurants as well as check-in information for hotels.

Keep in mind that this is the information customers need to find you, contact you, and learn if you fit their needs. Make sure it’s up-to-date and showcases your business.

One of the most important components of this profile is a link to an active and well-designed website. If you need to create, update, or maintain your website, or just need some tips on how to get started, AE Creative would love to help.