4 Tips to Help You Choose Your Domain Name

Building a website isn’t the easiest process, but you wouldn’t expect naming it to be too hard, right? Well, it can be easy, but for many, it can be just as difficult as building the site itself. A business’ domain name is right up there in importance to its logo and brand name. Your business’ domain name, is one of the few aspects on the web that defines your brand outside social media, and it’s quite literally the first impression visitors will have of your site. As you can see, your domain name is a crucial part of online success for your business, so choosing the right one is imperative.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is an important process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are four tips on how to choose a domain name.

Use Keywords

Having keywords in your domain name is a great way to up your site’s SEO. Although having keywords isn’t necessary, it can allow for your site to be more niche and ranked higher on Google, because the search engine knows what your site is about.

Keep Your Domain Name as Short and Simple as Possible

Let’s be real, no one really likes typing out long domain names, and they’re harder to remember, which is why yours should be short and simple. By doing this you are causing less risk for typos when people are searching your site, your site is easier to remember, and it’s also easier to say out loud. When your domain name is simple enough to pronounce and spell for the average person, word of mouth can be upped.

End with .com

Extensions have become broader over the years, allowing you to not only choose from .com or .net but also extensions like .blog or .photography. Although these new extensions can hone into your niche, they aren’t always the most memorable and visitors may be more hesitant towards sites with non-traditional extensions. Having .com will allow for your site to be deemed credible, more trustworthy, and is more commonly remembered.

Be Unique

As mentioned above, a domain name being memorable is an important part of a site’s success. By having a unique domain name, your site will stand out in a visitor’s mind. To help figure out ways to be unique, search for businesses’ websites that are in your niche. What keywords are they using, if any, in their domain name? How long is it? How marketable and branded is it? By doing this research, not only are you getting good ideas to play around with, but you are also researching what domain names are taken and what to avoid, which is a vital part of registering your domain.

Overall, when choosing a domain name, memorability is key at the end of the day. Keep it short, simple, and unique. If you incorporate those three main elements, your domain name is bound to make waves in your site’s success.