Part 5: Web Copy

What you say and how you say it matter

Web copy is any written content that will appear on a site. It informs the visitor about the company, products, and services. If the messaging is precise and compelling, it will make a convincing case for your company and convey a distinct brand voice.

Types of Website Copy

  • Biographies
  • Company profile and history
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Product names, slogans, and taglines
  • Blog posts Biographies


As the founder and owner of the business, you may be featured on the website alongside other key figures. Who you are will play a key role in how your business appears to potential customers or clients, so make a good impression. Longer isn’t better, so keep it clear and concise.

Company Profile and History

People love a good story, and all businesses have a unique history that is important to share. As always, keep it concise and think in terms of a narrative. It is far easier to follow and feel invested in a story than in a disjointed series of events and milestones.

Product names, slogans, and taglines

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, since it is often the first impression clients and customers will have about your company, products, or services.

Clarity combined with stylistically interesting and vivid descriptions position your product and service as exactly what your customers and clients want or need, so make sure every word counts.

Blog posts

Blog posts are opportunities to educate potential customers as well as position yourself as an authority in your field or your company as the top in its class. Sharing this content on social media further engages your audience and draw prospects to your business.

These pieces should be interesting and appealing to a human reader, yet optimized to be suggested by search engines. Since blog writing takes valuable time, consider delegating this important task to a writer.

Skilled writers are worth their weight in gold

Writing can be a thorn in the side of many businesses. The right words speak volumes and capture the essence of your brand. Less than optimal words are at best a missed opportunity and at worst can detract from a brand or business.

For this reason, copywriting is a component of a site that is often relegated to a professional. High impact and precise messaging are how your company will speak to current or potential customers and clients, so don’t fumble your words.