Accurate data.
Genuine answers.

Want to know the top 50 zip codes that make the most money in your state?
How about the top 25 cities in the U.S. with the most residents being young adults?
We can help you answer these inquiries and other questions you may have.


Reports are customized based on your target market.

We create professional thematic maps using data variables that can be viewed by
state, congressional district, city, county, zip code, and census tracking.


Heat maps are high-resolution images
and data reports are converted in Excel.

Tired of generic reports
that don't answer your question?

Start receiving useful data that you can understand.

Several options to get started today.


Price per hour starting at

$75/per hr.

This report is billed in
15 minute increments which covers:



Heat maps

Location ranking

Household income of niche market

This report caters to those who offer a business service and wish to see where their ideal target market is located.

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Product Report

Priced per hour starting at

$100/per hr.

This report requires a 2 hour minimum research report that includes:



Heat maps

Location ranking

Market Segments

Consumer behavior

Household income of ideal target market

This report are for those who have a product and would like to gain more knowledge on their ideal niche audience.

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Advertising Report

Priced per hour starting at

$275/per hr.

This includes data reports, product reports, ad design, and proposed advertising cost.



Heat maps

Location ranking

Market Segments

Consumer behavior

Household income of market

Ad design

Ad cost research

This report is for individuals who need an advertising campaign created for their business.

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Don't see a package that fits your needs?

We also offer billing in $15 increments
starting at $100 per hour
Reach out to us for your next project.  

Why work with us?

There is an actual person working on your particular case.

You are not only paying for data collection report,
but you are also paying for guidance and support
for your business.

Steps to work with us.

Step 1

During your consultation you are more than welcome to ask questions on what kind of data report you would like for us to generate. Lets say you own a hair salon and would like to know how many females bewteen the ages of 23-35 live in the area. We can help you figure that out with a data report.

Step 2

We generate reports that will make it easy for you to understand with a simple chart and a heat map.

Step 3

After we help you find your target audience, you can now create an ad to place on Google or on social media. Don't know how to create an ad? We can help you with that when you purchase an advertising report.

Client Testimonial

"AE Creative works designed our logo, website, business card, and created our ads.
We also deliberated with them our target market and they found exactly
where in San Antonio our future customers are located."
-Canine Candy Cart

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